Free will Donations

As agreed at our last Family Meeting a transparent and cohesive system has been set in place to deal with donations for the store space, projects and other family activities. It was recognised that all U.K. tribal family members would make regular monthly free-will contributions donation for the maintenance and upkeep of the U.K. store space and ensure that many of the services that we offer for the youth and the children where possible remain free or are provided at a low cost for the parents.  This amount has been set at £20 per month, whether you attend the store space on a regular basis or not.  Please note that this donation does not cover the full running costs of the store location, as a proportion of these costs will be met by other ventures, projects and services being offered within the space. For more information regarding the free will donation process please refer to the: FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that you will need a debit or credit card for online donations. Otherwise use the bank details below to setup a Standing Order, make BACS or direct transfers. Remember to always include a reference with your name and purpose.

The bank details are as follows:

Name: Nashat
Sort code: 090129
Account number: 43641556

Online Donations

To begin select from Donation Options (weekly, monthly or yearly) below title “Support with a regular donation.” Select amount from drop-down menu. In the Reference box, enter your name and purpose of donation. For example “Seqen Freewill Offering” and click “make a difference! donate button.” You may prefer to make a one-off donation by clicking one-off “donate now button” below. You can always do both if you like i.e. setup a regular donation as well as make one-off donations anytime! Thank you again for your support.

Support with a regular donation

Donation Options

Support the store space with a one-off donation

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Via Standing order, Telephone or Internet Banking:
This can be set up with your bank through online banking or within your local branch.
Contact your bank for further details for getting this set up.
When setting up a standing order please use the following as the payment reference:
The first letter of your first and the whole of the last of your government name followed by a hyphen with the abbreviation TC (standing for tribal contributions).
e.g.: “J XXXXX – TC”
due to limited characters allowed for the ref, please be sure to reduce parts of your government surname if it is too long for the extent that it allows the entry of “- TC”.
For Example:
If your government name is John Chichester (Surname is 10 characters) and the reference only allows 12 characters then the reference should be entered as “J Chichest-TC”. (bare in mind spaces are considered as a character).
And the same reference format should be used for payments made via online banking or for an in branch cash payment to the bank account.

The bank details are as follows:
Name: Nashat
Sort code: 090129
Account number: 43641556

Via Paypal;
Click here and follow instructions below:

  1. Select the payment frequency (weekly/monthly/yearly) under the Regular Free-will donation section below
  2. Then click the button which will open the PayPal application and allow you to complete the donation process. If you already have a Paypal account, please select that option, but if you do not have a PayPal account please follow the instructions and ensure that you enter the information accurately and keep the new passwords that you set up secure and do not save in your browser if prompted.

Via Cash, Debit/Credit Card in Person at store.
Specify what donation it is for (see diagram). Obtain and keep your receipt.

If making a regular donation via PayPal the donation date will be set for the day you set it up.

For example, if you set up the regular donation on the 15th of the month, then the payment will come out on the 15th of every month.  If you set up the regular donation on the  10th of the month the payment will come out on the 10th of every month.

Please note that if you have insufficient funds then the regular donation via PayPal will not incur any bank or building society charges, however if it fails you may need to set the payment up again when you do have sufficient funds in your account.

For donations made Via Standing order, please refer to your bank or building society terms and condition for charging information for failed standing order payments.

Tribal offerings are for the purpose of assisting the upkeep of tribal commitments such as the Temples rent, bills, events and general expenses for the benefit of the tribe. Contributions can be paid weekly, monthly or one-off payments.

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