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In addition to our spiritual development, collectively we continue to strive and implement solutions through the delivery of various projects under various committees and team leaders to sustain an acceptable quality of life in our physical existence. Projects are different from our “business as  usual” tasks (classes, propagation, etc.) These project solutions are the practical means by which we can provide an environment for a continuous and incremental successful coexistence for all. If you have the necessary attainments, skills and experience and would like to contribute to the successful delivery of projects or you would like to initiate a project, do not hesitate to contact us. Project Areas (and Committee Team Leaders) include those listed below:  All Project Areas are overseen by the Executive Board which includes the WM and GWM for any needs of escalation.  The diagram below illustrates projects and governance structure.


The administration team is the backbone of the organisation and it is responsible for the general running of the organisation. It is mandated to provide administrative and logistical assistance to all other parts of the organisation including the project support office.

Admin Team

Bastat Nafar-tat Kaaah Ankhuu
SakhamTat Narwar-tat Atum
Atum-tat Uah Ker
Sertet Rekh
Sanan-tat Nafar-tat Atun

Donate to Projects

It all starts with you, for you are the centre of your universe.  You get what you put in.  Every effort has been taken in setting up an infrastructure designed for your success.  You should participate and not only spectate because what you do or do not do will have an effect on not only yourself but will radiate outwards to those you interact or connect with such as your family, tribe and nation.

Projects in agriculture are responsible for the development, cultivation and maintenance of sustainable agriculture to provide wholesome, natural food for our consumption as well as the production of raw materials required to build good homes and manufacture clothing for our use. For further information contact the project team. Contact

Projects in education are responsible for the mental and moral development through formal instruction in a prescribed manner over a prescribed period of time in a system of learning ranging from pre-school through primary and advanced academic levels. In addition to formal academic instruction, learners receive teaching and training in our way of life, righteous conduct, decency and self-respect, with the objective of building a better nation of people. For further information contact the project team. Contact


Jamaican Citizenship and Passport by Descent

CARICOM presentation

Information projects currently provide sources for informing all of the policies, plans and strategies related to the Covid-19 predicament. This includes strategies for mobility should an eventual evacuation need to take place, government policies or agenda related to the “pandemic”, accessibility of information essential to maintain an informed and empowered community including the collection, research and dissemination of current events, history, analysis, publishing of books, pamphlets, magazines and use of the internet and social media. In addition it includes the responsibility of developing information systems and networks to secure internal and external communications, media program development and management and establishment of an office of media affairs and public relations. For further information contact the project team. Contact

Health and Human Services projects provide for the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the family. The objectives of health projects include the harnessing of the potential of all to attain longevity and good health

throughout life. These projects extend to the family and the community as well as the individual. For further information contact the project team. Contact

Trade and Commerce
Trade and Commerce projects are responsible for the growth and development of the business and economic interests of the family.  Such projects are dynamic in nature and encourage collaboration with consultants and others who share the same synergies, experience and success in business and economics, analysing the economic state of the family and develops programs and policies for growth and stability on the basis of the needs of the family.  They translate skills, talents and interests of the community into viable revenue streams and work in conjunction with Education projects to fuel entrepreneurship. For further information contact the project team. Contact

Defence projects ensure the safety, security and survival of the family thus develops policies and systems relating to the security of all.  It includes the enhancement and protection of defence and intelligence assets, structures and institutions. For further information contact the project team. Contact

Justice projects protect the rights and privileges of the family and provides methods and disciplinary procedures to deal with those who violate or threaten to violate or disrupt the harmony and peace.  Rigorous efficient and productive measures are taken before anyone forfeits their rights and privileges within the family.  Justice projects may initiate legal action, including class actions, against external entities, including governments, corporations, institutions and/or individuals, who through their actions, pose a threat to the essential rights of the family. For further information contact the project team. Contact

Arts and Culture
Arts and Culture projects promote aesthetic, artistic and cultural expression in ways that facilitate mental, emotional and moral elevation of the family.  They include visual and performing arts, including, but not limited to, music, film, dance, drama, literature, poetry, visual arts and sports, including promotion of theatre companies, audio/video recordings, presentations, competitions and compilations and an annual Festival of the Arts, extending to wholesome sports culture for athletic competition and achievement. For further information contact the project team. Contact

Science and Technology
Science and Technology projects ensure the continuous development of technological resources, i.e. the application of scientific knowledge to the solution of human problems.  Projects embrace the broad discipline of engineering and its sub-disciplines including civil engineering, the design and construction of public and private works, such as airports, road, railways, water supply and treatment, bridges, dams and buildings,  Also, chemical, electrical, aeronautical and mechanical engineering.  These projects utilise information technologies to improve overall efficiency of all projects, including the use of websites and webcasts.  These projects run concurrently with information projects to develop standard IT protocols and operating procedures and encourage technological education and training. For further information contact the project team. Contact

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