Paa Wabar Wu Paa Pat’ar – “The Hair and The All Seeing Eye”

Wabar “Hair”

WabarHair” is a symbol of life after death, being hair once it has grown out of the scalp is not alive. It is a symbol of life, growth and death. So we as Mu-nwap-uNuwaupians” of Wu-nawap wear a MijdalBraid” as females and as males, this in our Shaba Tribe”, SalalRace” and azhabCulture” to represent long life after this life. The women can wear her MijdalBraid” on whichever side extended down from her temple and can include beads. The male wears his MijdalBraid” extended down from his nape no longer than 9 to 18inchs. Our WabarHair” grows as nines or Nine Ether out of the scalp, its royal, noble. We are the only humanoids who grow natural kinky, nappy, curled hair as the first SalalRace”. The an People or little people, Bushmen of South Africa. The males stood 5 ft 4 inch, the females stood 4 ft 5 inch in height and they had tight rounded hair growth as our Muslaf-uAncestors”. WabarHair” is a sign of SayemDivine”, all other creatures on this  MikkabPlanet” has  FararFur”. That is not bad it’s just the arrangement of the D.N.A pattern arrangement of the letters or marks of a person LadudaBorn”. So this is why we in Wu-nawap as  Munwap-u “Nuwaupians” wear our braid with noble, royal pride. Study Wabar “Hair” and you will better Tha um “Overstand” the sound right reasoning.


Paar “All Seeing Eye”

Nasas Kawaz “Pine Cone” , symbol of the Third Eye or the Pineal Gland a pine cone. In the Damagh “Brain”, it has much more Sakham “Power” then you now use or Tha um “Overstand” we as Munwap- u Shalel Wu-Nawap “Nuwaupians Of Wu-nuwaup” wear the Paar “All Seeing Eye” or Nasas Kawaz “Pine Cone” on our forehead. As a symbol of awareness of the pine cone of the evergreen tree of eternal life:

Evergreen Trees of Everlasting LIfe

Women wear it as a Jewel, males have a choice to wear it, as a mark cone shaped pointed upward not as a jewel. Males wear these Lawan-aat “Colours” as the Paar “All Seeing Eye”; red, white or both. If you look in the hand of the Anaqim, Annunaqi you will see a pine cone, sign of everlasting life. Tree of life the Evergreen or emerald:

Anaqim, Annunaqi Holding Pine Cone on Sumerian Stone Wall

Pine Cones Of The Evergreen Tree

This is why we wear what the Hindu’s call the Bindi and make note we have our own stuff, our own azhab “Culture”. We are not a club, organization, gang, religion or any of the names given by those who don’t know. We don’t live our way of life part-time, do you see others living their way of lives part time?

“You Are All Right Or Not Right At All” -Saying Of: Paa Nabab Yaa-nanan

So if a female only wears her Mijdal “Braid” part time, her Paar “All Seeing Eye” part time or our dress which is the same as found in India today or Africa then she is not a real Munwap/Nawap “Nuwaupian”. Likewise if a male only wears his Mijdal “Braid” or our dress part time, with the exception of his Paar “All Seeing Eye” which is choice yet his braid is not choice. It is our azhab “Culture”, with or without beads then he is not a real Munwap/Nawap “Nuwaupian”. You all must learn and teach our language Nawapuyee “Nuwaupic”. This is not a game we are playing. Those in other belief systems will come over and return to Wu-Nawap. You all are the example and our doctrine is the cure to the spell of ignorance. You spread the cure Malachi 4:2:

Malachi 4:2:

“2 But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall”.

-King James Version

Remember this verse, you’re the healers.

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